So is Love, My Love

World’s so cruel. So is love, my love.
You’re too young, baby. Too young.
To understand the up of it, the down of it.
So don’t fall, honey. Don’t fall for anything, anyone.

Don’t give them too much.
They won’t give you the same.

Don’t trust them too deep.
They play you so hard.

Don’t get old. Don’t grow up, darling.
Once you go, you won’t come back.

Love is the unknown, K…

The unknown bittersweet.


Pesisir Pulau

Bermimpi menjalani hidup di pesisir pulau
Memelihara ikan-ikan kecil
Mendengar orang berpesta dini hari di kejauhan
Tinggal di rumah pantai sederhana berbalkon
Bangun pagi dengan secangkir teh panas
Memandang ombak laut beberapa meter jauhnya
Bersepeda ke pantai beriring angin sepoi
Duduk di pasir pantai hangat membaca buku


Feels So Real, So Clear

I dreamt about you last night
You, wearing your green shirt
My favorite green shirt of yours

You holding your black guitar
Playing it
Singing my favorite song

I heard your voice very clearly
Like you sang it right on my ear

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
Wherever you are


Kamu Takkan Menemukannya

Kamu ga akan menemukan cewe kaya aku
Yang akan betah dengerin kamu ngoceh sepanjang malam
Yang akan betah dengerin kamu nyanyi sambil main gitar
Yang akan ikut nyerocos ketika membicarakan film
Yang akan senang hati kamu ajak nonton konser apapun
Yang ga akan pernah bosen ketika kamu muter lagu-lagu Radiohead di mobil

Kamu ga akan menemukan cewe kaya aku.


She’s Weird

She’s weird because she’s clumsy.
She’s weird because she doesn’t tell you the big pictures.
She’s weird because she doesn’t tell you her life.
She’s weird because she’s so stupid facing the guy she falls in love with.
She’s weird because she turns that feeling into poetry.
She’s weird because she’s always been the most quiet one in group conversations.
She’s weird because she suffers from anxiety problems.
She’s weird because she’s outta society to avoid insecurity.
She’s weird because she listens to Bring Me The Horizon.
She’s weird because she listens to Norah Jones.
She’s weird because she’s fat.
She’s weird because you don’t know which religion she practices.
She’s weird because you don’t even know what she believes in.
She’s weird because she’s a bookworm.
She’s weird because she loves superhero movies.
She’s weird because she studied marine science.
She’s weird because she’s a journalist.
She’s weird because she’s into motorcycle racing.
She’s weird because she’s too old to wear sneakers.
She’s weird because she collects clothes with gloomy colors.
She’s weird because she has deep thoughts.
She’s weird because she’s not you.
She’s weird because she’s different.
You’re weird because you think people need to be the same.
You’re weird because you always judge.


Foto di Galeri

Memandangi koleksi fotomu di galeriku.
Lucu, karena kebanyakan adalah punggungmu.

Aku juga ingat, aku selalu memilih berjalan di belakangmu,
membiarkanmu membimbingku.

Kamu bertanya, “Kenapa?” malam itu.
“Tak apa,” kubilang.

Bila ku berjalan di depanmu, aku takkan bisa memandangimu.
Dan jika ku di belakangmu, maka kamu akan selalu ada dalam cakupan mataku.
Aku takkan kehilangan kamu.

Kamu, berkemeja hijau…
kemeja hijau yang juga favoritku.


Needs to Go On

He came into my life a year ago,
opened up an new prespective,
taught me some wisdom,
brought me some cheesy jokes,
introduced me to some new music,
let me listen to him sing,
allowed me to see his point of view through photos…

And now I have to let him go.

Life is so colorful, and needs to go on.



Let’s sing your favorite song that you have no idea is mine too.
Let’s watch a good movie and praise it together on dinner.
Let’s watch a cheesy movie and insult it together on dinner.
Let’s go having late dinner at midnight when the street is empty and the air freeze our noses.
Let’s go outside to stare at the moon together, wondering why we’re doing that cheesy thing.

I miss you.


Us, It Was Short.

Us, it was short. It didn’t even last a year.
Us, it was short. Maybe it was even nothing to you.
Us, it was short. But it was everything to me.
Us, it was short. But I still keep pictures of us, pictures of you. So when I miss you, I take a look at them all, wishing you have a good life without me.
Us, it was short. But I love your cheesy jokes.
Us, it was short. But I never forget your favorite songs.
Us, it was short. But I never forget the night you asked, “Did you hear me sing? Do you think my voice sounds great? Because I don’t think so.”
Us, it was short. But it was good, way too good.
Us, it was short. But you made me happy.
Us, it was short. That’s why I hope we’ll get the second chance.


Ride Home

Everytime you cross my mind, I always look back at things happened between us.

You were so spontaneous and full of surprise, while I always tried too hard and ended up as a reckless, clumsy, awkward girl to you.

I remember the first time we hung out, you asked how I’d get home that night.
You asked my address, then I asked yours, just to figure out the distance.
Then you offered me a ride.

Nobody knew you took me home that night but one person.
When we told him you’d take me home, he looked at us suspiciously.

I could see in his eyes, he was wondering what might happen between us as we didn’t hang that much.

I giggle everytime I remember it.

Now it’s only a memory.
Now I can only hope it will happen again in the future.
You and me.