Too Blind

She loves you passionately

You’re too blind too see



That moment when you unexpectedly bump into your long time crush, and he calls your name and smiles at you, then you just swoon and start saying something stupid and so irrelevant.

Goddamn, D. Can’t you relax for a second like for real? Stop taking my breath away.


So Lost

Do you ever feel like you need to go somewhere,
like you’re longing for something?

Then you think you just need to take a break,
or holiday for a week.

Then after that break,
apparently you still feel the same.

You feel like you just need to pack your bags,
feel like you wanna go somewhere you don’t even know,
feel like you wanna find something you don’t even know,
feel like you wanna feel something new.

But at the end,
all you can do is just stay.

I feel so lost.



Pernah ga sih kamu,

memandang gebetan
dari kejauhan
dan bilang,

“Dia baik. Dia keren. Dia lucu.
Kita punya banyak persamaan.
Selera musik kita sama.
Selera film kita sama.
Semoga kita bisa jadi satu,”

lalu kamu pulang ke rumah,
dan akhirnya bilang,

“Ah, you’re just a tiny piece of shit.”