Fine Line

Here’s the thing : I’m not here trying to preach because I’m not that kind of ‘wiseman’. But these things got me wonder in the past few days, or weeks, or months, even years.

People who don’t even know who I am, always try to give a fuck about my life, while I’m sitting here not giving any shit about theirs.

I do that because I know my position, because I know my boundaries, because I know I’m not perfect. I don’t have any right to judge this and judge that.

So why would I be talking shit about somebody else’s life, pretending like I know everything about their problems and imperfections, while I’m here just being human and not God.

Somebody said to me that I’m the only one who can create my own happiness, but well, sometimes people are so dumb.

You need to see your fine line between being a friend and being an asshole.


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