Actually tho, I’m too lazy to write this down but girls gotta man up too, and I won’t let anybody accuse me for things I didn’t do at all.

If you think I work this out alone, you’re so wrong.
If you think I stay silent and do nothing, you’re so wrong.
If you think that ‘that girl’ is me, you’re so wrong.

And if you think I’m ALONE, you are SO WRONG.

I have a lot of good friends who’s always got my back, including him. Yes, you read it. HIM.
So if you think I have no idea at all about everything you’ve done to me, oh well, think again.

You speak English really well, and claim speaking Italian and Spanish too. But it’s funny you still don’t understand what and who he talked about. Funny. Funny. Funny. He even mentioned HER name to you, but you didn’t even understand him.

You think ‘that girl’ was me. You accuse me for ‘touching’ him, trying to ‘woo’ him? Why don’t you ask him again, ask him to tell you the story again, ask him who is HER name? Definitely not me. Definitely not Kanya. Because it was somebody else. Somebody who you’re mistaken with me.

I thought you and him were friends, and if you guys are friends then why don’t you ask him again to clear things up? It’s good for your health, instead of always saying bad things on person you don’t know personally.

I was there when the girl tried to ‘touch’ him. I saw what she did to him by my own eyes. Where were you? You were NOT even there and saw it by your own eyes, and all you can do since then is assuming, jumping into conclusions, bashing, talking bad things you don’t even know or understand. So sad.

You’ve been calling me with bad words, you think I don’t know?
You think he doesn’t know? He knows.
I know everything you’ve done to me.
He knows everything you’ve done to me.
How come we know it? Oh, come on. You have no idea? Well, you better ask yourself.

You said he’s just being nice to me?
You said he doesn’t really like me?
What about me saying it back at you?
He knows everything you’ve done to me, and when you find out he’s smiling at you, it’s because he’s just being nice to you.
What about that fact?

Yeah, go lock your Twitter account and accuse me all you want. You think I won’t know. You think I won’t dare enough to talk about this with him. Well, we’ve talked about it the whole year.
What you don’t know is, since very beginning we have this commitment: we will talk about everything, good or bad.
Me being delusional? Well, ask him.

When you said that fc was cheesy, he was so furious—because you think I handle that fc alone, you think I run that fc alone. The fact is, he’s very involved in it, WITHOUT me asking for it. He’s very involved to make sure that fc stays fresh, to make sure his fc keeps updated with his latest infos. Without him, that fc couldn’t make it like what it is now. We. Work. Together. Because. We. Are. THE. Team.

I’m sure you saw and found me at the track for the last couple of years, and you think I’m bitching around. Think again, if he didn’t really want me to be there, then why he invited me in the first place?
Oh, you thought you were invited too? I didn’t mind, I don’t mind, and I won’t mind. He’s nice, he’s humble. It’s because—like what you said—he treats everyone the same; you, me or anybody else.

Oh, don’t worry. I will NOT destroy his life like what you’re afraid of, like what you’re worried about.
Because we both have our own lives. His own and my own.
Don’t worry about me for not having boundaries. Because I HAVE and I KNOW my boundaries, and he has and he knows his boundaries. You don’t even need to teach us.
And WE BOTH hope you know where your own boundaries are.

And about those letters which you call ‘love letters’ : LOL. You’re the only one who call them ‘love letters’. Me and him don’t call them that way. Well, but thank you for considering that my letters are LOVE-ly. *kisses*

And oh, I’m not stupid: I know that no matter what I say, no matter what I write, no matter what I do, you will never ever believe me. I’m not under illusions about it. I know it and he knows it.
But at least I try. At least we try.

So… You still think that I’m alone? No, I’m not alone. Because he’s with me. Because my friends are with me. Not with you.


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